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  • Having some difficulty in choosing a major?

    You’re not alone—many people aren’t sure of what they want to do for a career, and connecting a major to a career is challenging for many students. This website has some resources and activities to help get you started on your lifelong career journey.  Keep in mind as you explore, though, that your major does not always determine your career and that college grads use what they learn during their college education in a wide variety of career fields.

    Entering the University of Mississippi as an undeclared/undecided major gives you the chance to explore your interests and majors before you make a decision. The largest cohort of entering freshmen is undeclared, so being unsure on a major is not uncommon. Skilled advisors in the Center for Student Success and First Year Experience can help you choose classes during your first three semesters that will help you explore your interests. In addition, you will find resources on these pages to help guide you to declaring a major by your fourth semester.